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If you are, then you must have heard of Chris Brandt Racing. There’s no settling for dust in this racing site. A true amateur can get an exhilarating ride like a pro on the track. Chris Brandt Racing promotes consistency in a race car’s setup and performance.

He believes that the more consistent your gear, the better luck you have. However, Brandt still delivers the best in every race despite the unexpected challenges he might face. Whether it be getting the coveted checker flag first, or trying your hand on your very first off-road track, we will be there to help you have a continued streak on the podium.

So, if you need tips on how to keep your racing rig in tip top condition, this is the place to be.

Just read on and learn how we can transform you from an amateur to an amazing pro in not time.

1) Steven Greinke: 474 pts
2) Dave Mason: 446 pts
3) John Fitzgerald: 340 pts
4) Bradley Morris: 438 pts
5) Geoffrey Cooley: 414 pts
6) Tony Lisa: 360 pts
1) Brian Deegan: 416 pts
2) RJ Anderson: 400 pts
3) Sheldon Creed: 378 pts
4) Casey Currie: 370 pts
5) Brandley Morris: 358 pts
6) Chris Brandt: 338 pts



Chris Brandt Racings John Fitzgerald on the Podium at Glen Helen!

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Chris Brandt Racing Successful in Utah, Closer to Championship!

ANAHEIM, CA (July 2, 2013) – Chris Brandt Racing entered Tooele, Utah 4th in Pro Buggy and 5th in the Pro Lite standings with this weekend… Click here to read more

Chris Brandt Racing vs. Las Vegas Motor Speedway

ANAHEIM, CA (May 3, 2013) – With freshly cut BFGoodrich tires, and new and improved QTM brakes on the #14 pro buggy, Chris Brandt Racing showed up to Las Vegas Motor Speedway with two freshly Click here to read more

Chris Brandt Racing and Thyssenkrupp Motorsports Renew Partnership for 2013

Anaheim, CA (February 16th, 2013) – Chris Brandt Racing announced today they have renewed their partnership with Thyssenkrupp Materials, Copper and Brass Division. Thyssenkrupp Motorsports partnered with Chris Brandt Racing in 2012, and… Click here to read more

Congratulations to John Fitzgerald on the 2012 Limited Buggy Championship!!